NavLog ?

NavLog is a Navigation Logbook Manager. It was designed by a single handed sailor.
Its purpose is to automatically create most parts of your navigation Logbook for you. So you do not have any reason to forget to get your Logbook up-to-date.

  • Automatic Logbook. NavLog creates an entire Logbook from the instruments dataflow (NMEA).
  • Track. NavLog generates a track line to record the actual ship route.

    Depth lines. If the depth is shallow, the track will show a depth line.
    These LPs cannot be modified as they are recordings from the actual measurements of the instruments.

  • Automatic Log Points (LPs). Clickable LPs are regularly inserted on the ship track as waypoints are on a route. They contain the NMEA recording. There are 2 types of automatic LPs:

    Time related LP. It is created every N seconds (configurable delay). Its name is the recorded UTC time.
    Depth related LP. It is created every N meters if the depth is shallow. Its names is the recorded time (configurable interval and security depth).

  • User’s LPs. You can insert your own LPs on the track (departure, arrival and intermediate LP). There are 3 types of user’s LPs:

    Departure/Arrival LPs. A user LP is created each time you are starting/ending a sailing leg. A day trip is defined as a series of sailing legs.
    Intermediate LP. You can create a LP at any time.

    They contain the instruments measurements (at the LP creation time) plus your own observations, pictures and URLs. You give a name, edit or delete your LPs or delete at any time.

  • 3 publishing formats. The Logbook contain the same information presented in 3 different formats:

    Logbook as an eBook (ePub file).
    Logbook as an OpenCPN layer (GPX file).
    Logbook as Google Earth places (KMZ file).

  • Ship and Crew documents. You can print ship and crew documents for Customs and Immigration offices.
  • Launcher. Launch your favorite applications and open your main documents files.
  • See Screenshots

Main benefits

  • Time and work savings. Easily get the required ship’s Logbook, complete and up-to-date.
  • Accuracy. No error while logging instruments data.
  • Travel history. Retrieve travel information easily (navigation data, weather, visited places, comments, pictures, URLs, etc.)
  • Integration. Your Logbook can be integrated in your navigation program (OpenCPN) as well as in Google Earth and as an easy to read eBook.
  • Graphical Logbook. It can help you to produce a nice looking blog for the friends who are following your trip.

Download & Installation